• Juan Flores
    Juan Flores lives in Delano, CA where he is a community organizer with the Center on Race, Poverty & the Environment. Since 2010 he has been working with CRPE on issues ranging from civic engagement to community farming, and now focuses on organizing Kern County residents to fight fracking. Juan lived in Mexicali, Mexico before moving to Delano, where his parents worked as farm workers.
  • Lupe Martinez
    Lupe Martinez is a long-time community leader in Kern County and the San Joaquin Valley. A former farmworker, he worked alongside Cesar Chavez for years with the United Farm Workers as an organizer, Regional Director, , and Vice-President. Now the Assistant Director of CRPE, he continues to fight for environmental justice in Kern County and beyond.
  • Anabel Marquez
    Anabel Marquez is a proud mother and grandmother, a community leader in the Central Valley, an active member of the local anti-fracking committee with CRPE, and co-director of the local community garden in Shafter, CA.
  • Madeline Stano
    Madeline Stano is an environmental justice lawyer and leads CRPE’s civil rights campaign and Central Valley anti-fracking work. Her litigation focus areas include Title VI, climate change, and the intersection of environmental and racial justice. She serves on the Environmental Justice Leadership Forum on Climate Change, Californians Against Fracking steering committee, and has appeared numerous times as a fracking legal expert on Al Jazeera America.
  • Josh Healey
    Josh Healey is an award-winning writer, performer, and creative activist. Fusing his distinct storytelling style with a subversive humor and fiery love for justice, Healey is a regular performer on NPR’s Snap Judgment, Upworthy, and (most importantly) his nephew Brian Silverstein's Youtube page. As a filmmaker, Healey has written and produced several surprisingly popular videos that combine social justice with slapstick comedy. Based in Oakland, he works with Movement Generation to produce innovative shows, videos, and creative interventions for climate justice.
  • Kristina Wong
    Kristina Wong is a Los Angeles-based solo performer, comedic writer, and cultural commentator named "One of the Seven Funniest Eco-Comedians" by Mother Nature Network. Featured on Comedy Central and FX, she has created five solo shows and one ensemble play that have toured the world. Kristina has been a commentator for American Public Media's Marketplace, PBS, Jezebel, xoJane, and Playgirl Magazine. Her new show "The Wong Street Journal" looks at global poverty and premieres in 2015.
  • Hector Flores
    Hector Flores is a member of Las Cafeteras, a 7-piece band that creates a vibrant musical fusion with a unique East LA sound and a community-focused political message. Their Afro-Mexican rhythms, zapateado, and inspiring lyrics tell stories of a community who is looking for love and fights for justice in the concrete jungle of Los Angeles. Their debut studio album “It’s Time” has received great reviews across the country and has featured on BBC, NPR, and the LA Times. Hector loves dancing Cumbia, going to Dodgers games, and sneaking into movie theatres.
  • Darren Colston
    Darren Colston is a screenwriter and producer for Black Sqr Productions. He recognizes film as a tool to address complicated societal issues under the guise of entertainment. Darren's body of work in the Bay Area and Southern California touches all things film: commercials, music videos, documentaries, shorts, and feature films in both independent and major studio productions. He is currently developing a projects that will push the boundaries of horror and fantasy while looking at the effects of gentrification and gender inequity.

Behind the Scenes

  • Yvan Iturriaga
    Yvan Iturriaga is an award-winning director/producer from Oakland, CA. His recent projects include the two-hour documentary The Storm That Swept Mexico (PBS) and the final hour of the PBS series Latino Americans. His short film Beep premiered in April 2014 at the Chicago Latino Film Festival, and has gone on to successful runs in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington, DC. Born in Santiago, Chile, he has proudly lived in Oakland for over 20 years.
  • John Sellers
    John Sellers is a writer, producer, direct action nerd, and cofounder of The Other 98%. He’s also President of the Ruckus Society. In the last 25 years he has kicked “The Man” in his funny bone many times and coordinated creative actions for scores of organizations from Greenpeace to SEIU to CREDO to Walmart Workers. John is based on Vashon Island in the Puget Sound where, against his better judgement, he’s organizing a Mosquito Fleet of Kayaktivists that are swarming against Global Warming.
  • Andy Menconi
    Andy Menconi is a graphic designer, animator, editor and all around pixel ninja. A full two years before the Occupy movement came around with the 99%, he cofounded The Other 98% to help shift the dialogue of the culture war to one of economic justice through viral videos, memes and general online hi-jinx. Andy was born in Texas, graduated from AAC in San Francisco, loves punk rock, the NFL, green chile and romantic dinners in the lovely town of Oakland he calls home with his wife, daughter and two wiener dogs.